Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Recent Appearances - Mother's Day & Point of View Radio

Over the last few months, I have spoken at different churches and was on Point of View radio. Just wanted to archive those and make sure you knew about them if they can be a blessing to you. I spoke at Encounter Church in Wichita Falls on Mother's Day a strong message about SUFFERING. I know an odd message for Mother's Day, but we need to be a little inconvenienced in the Body of Christ and mothers demonstrate that value of giving up their lives so well. We don't know what it means to really suffer here in America, but God wants to provoke us to give up our lives for His kingdom and our fellowman. Whether you listen to it in your car or sit and meditate on it for your quiet time, I pray it blesses you. Here is the message on Facebook Live. 

I also spoke on Point of View radio in April about Christians participation with the Jewish community in support of Israel and how we can make a major difference supporting our democratic ally in the Middle East. I had a great time with Kerby Anderson talking about our trips to Israel and President Trump's record on this important national security issue. The interview is the first 30 minutes of this video. 

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