Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Ted vs. Beto - Why people who love America should vote CRUZ

By Bunni Pounds

In politics -  we have to move past the smoke screen and look at the issues. The people who don’t look at the issues and vote on personalities, charisma, and charm, do that to their own detriment and the detriment of America. When we arrive at the polls, we are not voting for a fashion model, a rock star, or the coolest guy that we want to have a beer with. (Side note-  if I drank beer, I would want to have a beer with Justice Brett Kavanaugh after the last couple of weeks.) We are voting for the person who will protect our rights and defend our values. 

Elections have consequences and our individual choices on November 6th could give the Majority in the House of Representatives to a political party that will elect Nancy Pelosi to Speaker again, or could keep the Senate from confirming pro-life justices because we lose the votes.

We are not electing the man here in Texas with the coolest hair, the one who likes Whataburger the most, or a man who speaks with much elegance without saying anything of substance.  We are electing a statesman who will protect TEXAS in the U.S. Senate and I believe that man is Senator Ted Cruz. 

Whether you love or hate Senator Cruz, let’s be really clear on what we are electing on November 6th. 

As a Bible-believing Christian, I am also a strong Republican because of our national GOP platform and our Texas GOP platform. Candidates represent parties and parties represent platforms. The platform is what we say we believe and the Democrat platform nationally or in Texas is not anything I can support. 

Here are my top 5 reasons why I am voting for Senator Ted Cruz and not Beto O’Rourke on November 6th. I hope they educate you and can be something you can share with your friends and family. 

#1 Ted Cruz has always stood up for the life of the unborn 

Beto O’Rourke made it extremely clear that he is for abortion on demand and protecting a woman’s “health decisons”. This is not a healthcare choice. Abortion is killing the next generation of Texans and Americans. In October 2017, the U.S. House voted 237-189 for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. It would, for the most part, ban abortion after 20 weeks. Beto O'Rourke voted against that bill. I applaud Senator Ted Cruz for always being passionate for LIFE and defending it. 

#2 Only one candidate here is Pro-Israel

The anti-Israel group JStreetPAC is supporting Congressman O’Rourke big time to the tune of $160,000 because he has a record of not standing up for the Jewish state. As a Christian, I have an issue with this because I not only believe we need to stand up for God's people, but I think natural Israel is the best defender of our democratic values in the Middle East. Senator Ted Cruz has always stood up for Israel, applauded the President when he moved the Embassy to Jerusalem, always backed our military working with them, and made sure Israel had the tools they needed to defend themselves against the terrorists and enemy states surrounding them. Beto - not so much. Vote Pro-Israel. 

Senator Ted Cruz and Bunni Pounds

#3 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

With the lowest unemployment in 49 years at 3.7%, Cruz is right - Republican policies work and we are on the right path. Let’s not choose leadership that wants to take us into socialism one step at a time. If you really listen to Beto, he is not for the free enterprise system and real economic growth. He was against the latest Tax Reform and Jobs Act which is putting more money in the wallets of the average American. A single individual earning the median wage of $50,000 a year is seeing $35 to $45 more in each of their paychecks - that is $1,100 in take-home income per year. That is significant for most working Americans including myself and my family. Let's keep someone who will fight for good jobs in office. 

#4 Border security is national security

Beto doesn’t believe that statement or he would do something about it. Instead he talks about the "community" of immigrants that live in El Paso where he lives who have come across the border. He never really tells us if they are legal or illegal. What do you think? We, as Americans, are all compassionate toward Dreamers who didn't have any choice when their parents brought them here. They are now having to deal with the consequences of their parents' actions overstaying their travel visas or whatever they did to get here, but LISTEN, lawlessness is still lawlessness. We need someone who will make the federal government do their job. No one has been more vocal on this issue than Senator Ted Cruz. We don't want Beto who will defend sanctuary cities and illegal immigrants. As President Trump says - "Americans are Dreamers, too."

#5 Free healthcare is not really free 

Senator Cruz hit Beto really hard in the debate last night on who is going to pay for this “Medicare for all” (Bernie Sanders' plan to expand Medicare to cover everyone). Someone will have to pay and consumers will eventually lose out, if the government legislates everyone’s healthcare choices. Ask any older American who has to deal with Medicare and takes out supplemental insurance policies as well to make sure they get the healthcare they need. 

Senator Ted Cruz's championing of conservative policy solutions is one of the reasons that the individual mandate for Obamacare was repealed within the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Our nation should not dictate to any American that they have to buy insurance. That is NOT the role of our federal government. Can we stand up and cheer for Senator Cruz? We should. 

Yes -  we might have all at one time or another over the last six years been a little frustrated with Ted Cruz or something he has done; but nothing that we can think of compares to the agenda of this EXTREME liberal policy pusher called Beto O'Rourke that wants to be the first statewide Democrat elected in 24 years. NOT ON MY WATCH!

I might not be running for Congress in this general election but I am working hard for all of our candidates up and down the ballot and I am standing up for Senator Ted Cruz. 

Let's say it out loud together! I am voting for Ted Cruz for Senate! 

Now don't forget to show up. Take it seriously and vote for every REPUBLICAN on the ballot. 

Early Voting: October 22- November 2

Election Day: Tuesday, November 6

Addition on 10/19, 8:56 am - Another reason to never vote for Beto - he wants to impeach President Trump. Here he is in his own words. 

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