Saturday, September 22, 2018

10 Ways to Impact the 2018 Texas Election

By Bunni Pounds

Many people are asking me how they can REALLY impact this midterm election and how they can get involved here in Texas. It is difficult when we feel a tug to get involved but we don’t know the next steps. So after you have been inspired, I want to give you helpful tips to plug into the fight. 

Here is my top 10 list. I hope it is helpful. If it is, please share it with others. 

#1 Pray once a day for our nation and our state. I have set my phone with an alarm at 5:55 each day to pray for 5 minutes. It is a great time at the end of the work day (unless you are like me working non-stop)  and it is before any evening meetings or family time. Try it! Join me at 5:55 for prayer.

#2 Connect with your local Republican Party. Most county parties want to plug you in and they need help blockwalking for candidates, putting out signs, making phone calls, making bags with pushcards in them for the doors. Connect! Get on their email list and show up somewhere, sometime.
Here are the links for the county parties closest to me where I have candidates that are running.

Dallas County GOP
Collin County GOP
Tarrant County GOP
Kaufman County GOP

Not linked here? Google your county name with “Republican Party” and it should come up. If not, contact your County Chairman on this list from the Texas GOP

Block walkers getting ready in Tarrant County

#3 Adopt a candidate. 

I shared in my article on POLITICAL ACTIVISM how important knowing someone who is running for office is for you and the candidate. Read that motivational piece here

Look up your elected officials here on the right side of this website, put in your address where it says "Who Represents me?" and then google those races and see if there are Republicans running against Democrats or if there is a Republican incumbent that needs your help. We also have six open seats right now for Congress around the state. These candidates need help. Never underestimate the $20 you give any candidate and how impactful a few days volunteering means to their lives. You can stand at the polls for them on Election day, help them stuff thank you notes, block walk with the candidate, or make phone calls. Please just help them. Don’t just think about it.

If you don’t know who to help, email me at with your physical address and I will send you some suggestions of good candidates in your area who I most likely personally know. 

#4 Join the #CruzCrew and help Ted Cruz one way or another! This is the most watched race in the state and everyone needs to be involved. Order some yard signs and bumper stickers from his website here, contribute with a sacrificial gift (I did and I am a political consultant), volunteer to make calls for him, and show up at his rallies whenever he is near you. Let’s show Ted Cruz some love. We do NOT want a Bernie Sanders socialist in office in Texas. If you want to know really what Beto stands for watch the debate from Friday, September 21st on NBC.  
With my Ted Cruz sign before the Cruz-O'Rourke debate

#5 Join a club. Most GOP, Young Republicans, or Tea Party clubs meet once a month. Find a club in your area and go. You can find those meeting times typically on your Republican Party County website or calendar. Meet people, connect, volunteer as part of a group. It is more fun that way. Learn about the issues and hear great speakers from around the state. I have my real family, my church family, and then my Republican family. Friendship and connection will cause you to be involved far into the future, not just this election. 

#6 Share positive and educational items about the candidates or issues on social media. Retweet something that Governor Greg Abbott does, share a video from one of our 5th Court of Appeals candidates here in North Texas, share your own thoughts about a debate, or tell your friends who you are voting for and why. 

The best activists and precinct chairs send out an email (blindcopy, please) to their friends reminding them to vote and a list of people they suggest voting for. That is extremely helpful to the cause. 

Sharing on the Internet and speaking up is something the other side is good at and we have to get better at it. Social media is important! 

#7 Show some love to Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick. They are working so hard for Texas and our candidates and I personally believe any big victories we have here in November, they need to get part of the credit for it. The Abbott team is extremely organized and they are spending money to help everyone. Dan Patrick has been running all over the state to help candidates and we just won an important special election in TX Senate District 19 that hasn’t been held by a Republican in 139 years. I give these men part of the credit. Email their campaigns and thank them - Governor Greg Abbott & Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick headlining a reception for Senator Bob Hall

#8 Help President Trump keep the majority in the Senate and House of Representatives. I already talked about helping Senator Cruz. Please do that! Everyone in Texas should also help one of the tossup seats or ones that only lean Republican slightly in Texas, like Pete Sessions, Will Hurd, John Culberson, and John Carter. 

Some of the open seat candidates who I love and are up are Chip Roy, Ron Wright, or Van Taylor. Donate somewhere (#1 choice for me are my two amazing candidates- Van Taylor and Ron Wright) but help us keep the majority in Congress. Donate before their big 9/30 FEC filing deadlines. 

We do NOT want Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House or Maxine Waters to be the Chairman of the Financial Services Committee. Lord, have mercy!

#9 Stay informed on the issues. Educate yourself and others. We have some great think tanks in Texas and around the country. Read articles, articulate the issues with knowledge, and teach others. Here are some of my favorite places to get great conservative reading material: Texas Public Policy Foundation, Institute of Policy Innovation (IPI), Heritage Foundation 

#10 Actually VOTE! Don't forget. Set a calendar alert on your phones, please. Get your full household (including your young adults) to the polls during early voting from October 22nd and November 2nd or on Election Day, November 6th. You can vote anywhere in your county during early voting but on Election Day, you have to vote in your precinct so make sure you know where you are voting beforehand. 

Vote all the way down the ballot for ALL Republicans. The days of fighting over who will be our nominees for different positions are over. (Believe me, I know).  Now we are keeping progressive Democrats from going to Washington or Austin. 

VOTE REPUBLICAN period! Let’s have the biggest turnout at the polls in a Gubernatorial year/Midterm election in TEXAS history! 

(You other people around the country reading this, please follow our lead and get out the VOTE!)

Let’s do something on this list - maybe even all 10, and impact this 2018 Texas Election! 

Let’s go, TEAM! America and Texas is worth it. 

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