Wednesday, August 22, 2018

PRAYER - What I have learned from running for Congress (Part 1 of 3)

By Bunni Pounds

I wouldn’t have done anything if I hadn’t learned to pray. I definitely wouldn't have had the courage or the boldness to run for Congress. 

‪PRAYER.  It should be our top priority for our nation, but yet it is the last thing we think about doing.

It is easier to yell at the TV or mouth off on social media letting all our anger and negativity out. But just like every burden we have, the burden has a place where it is fit to go- at the feet of Jesus. As believers, God is trying to speak to us. He is trying to move us.

We are the ones who should have discernment and wisdom about the state of our world. We are the ones who should see injustices and have clarity of what needs to be done to make things right. But I want to submit something to all of us today. I want us to consider that as we see the problems in our nation and our world clearly – that we have discernment for a purpose. Let’s consider turning those burdens into prayers. Let’s consider intercession. 

Many of us haven’t been taught or mentored in the art of prayer but prayer in simply this: Talking to God. Conversation. Real conversation along our daily walk.

Philippians 4:6-7 says “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God, and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

The exhortation here is - Don’t fear. Don’t let your stomach get all tied up in knots over the state of the world. Pray! Release it to God. Take your thoughts, your concerns for our nation and turn them into conversation with the God of the Universe who loves you and cares about the issues of the world even more than you do. 

My prayer journey went into overdrive about five years ago in a prayer room in Romania with about 40 Romanian Bible School students. These kids - eighteen, nineteen, and twenty-year old’s were crying out to God for their friends, their families, and their nation. I was humbled. I was a talented political operative who had worked full-time for a Member of Congress for over five years at that point, but I didn’t even begin to know how to pray for my nation like they did. 

I asked myself these questions. Do I really carry a burden for America?

Do I just like to complain (yes, it was during the Obama years) or did I really EVER take it to the Lord in prayer?

I was humbled, and I was strongly convicted. 

Over the last five years, I have come back to my first love of seeking God, submitting my petitions to him, and realizing that I could be the greatest political activist in the nation (which I am not…), but without God’s intervention in the affairs of men, I could do nothing.

I dug deep into the Bible on prayer. I read books on prayer. I was mentored by great people who pray. I was changed. I was still an active political activist and operative who worked for a mission and a cause, but I was now a praying one. 

The tents in the National Mall filled with worship & prayer
Thousands of women praying - October 2017
This journey led me to a field in Washington DC last October. It was a special field - The National Mall. There was an event for three days with people coming from all over the nation to pray and worship for 24 hours a day. People took shifts. Every state had a tent and then there was a main stage for large worship services. It was 24 hours of prayer and worship on the National mall that culminated with a final Monday eight-hour prayer meeting of mostly women, approx. 50,000 of us, on the lawn looking forward to the U.S. Capital and backward to the Washington Monument.

I got there at 6:30 am with two Romanian Bible School students and my son’s Brazilian American girlfriend. I was the old person in the mix with these three young Bible School students who were on fire for Jesus. It was life-changing as we cried out to God together for the unborn, racial reconciliation for our cities, peace for our nation, and godly leaders to be raised up. I wept as I looked over to the Capital and asked God to end abortion in my generation and to raise up Godly leaders who would move within His presence and listen to His voice. 

A month later, I am running for Congress. 

I am not completely sure what happened over the month of November, but in my search to find our conservative voice for our District, I found my own voice. I became prayer. I laid my life down as an offering for the people I loved in the 5th District of Texas. 

Though I got through the first round of eight candidates, I fell short in the runoff by 2600 votes, but this I know- I became a prayer. I learned a little more about prayer than I ever thought possible. 

I don’t believe I would have run for Congress if I hadn’t learned to pray and to practice it in my life. I don’t think I could have ever raised $890,000 in less than six months to run a seven-county race, if I hadn’t learned to pray. I don’t think my testimony would have been the same of having peace and joy in my soul during persecution and suffering if I hadn’t learned to pray. 

I became intercession for our area and I lived it out to the best of my ability.

I challenge you to ask God to teach you to pray. When the disciples came to Jesus on the mountain before He taught them the Lord’s Prayer, they didn’t ask him how to minister better, how to be a better political activist, or how to heal the sick, they asked Jesus to “teach us to pray.” They knew that ultimately His power came from one place- His intimacy with God. 

Hebrews 7:25 says, “Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.” 

Here in the scriptures we see the description of Jesus standing at the right hand of the Father always, non-stop, making intercession for us. Jesus is praying for us always. He is praying for ME always. It is personal. This truth gives me so much comfort and it should give you so much comfort. He sees us, he knows us, and he is always praying for us. 

I like to ask Jesus what He is praying for and ask Him how I can agree with His prayers today for my family, my co-workers, my clients, and my nation. He likes to talk to us if we will listen. The prayer of agreement is powerful especially when we are agreeing with Jesus. 

I don’t believe I would have done anything close to what I just did over the last few months, if I hadn’t first learned to pray and if I hadn’t first carried the burden for great leadership to be raised up in my district. In the end, I became intercession and a living prayer.

Prayer moved me to activism which is what we will talk about next. Stay tuned! Subscribe to this blog for notifications. I want to be a resource of encouragement in these troubling times.  - Bunni

Leading Prayer at Christ for the Nations for our nation during the Republican Primary, February 2018.


  1. Bunni, I'm glad you launched out into the deep to run for Congress...and to continue being a voice. I respect you and know there are great plans for you.

    1. Thank you so much, sweet Dorothy. You are a beacon of light in our City of Garland and wherever you are. It has been a privilege to walk with you in praying for our city and nation as well.

  2. Thank you my friend! I’m humbled, convicted and inspired! I’m so proud that you have remained true to who you are through everything! Always an encourager, ever pressing us onward and upward! Much love to you!!

  3. So glad you enjoyed it, Shelly! Onward and upward!