Sunday, June 21, 2020

Dear CONSERVATIVE movement in Texas.....

By Bunni Pounds

In Texas over the course of the last few years - we have seen a split in the conservative movement like I haven’t seen in fifteen years of political activism. 

Strong Christian conservatives who have fought for the unborn, a conservative Republican platform that supports free enterprise, low taxes, and family values have felt many times like they have not had a home. We have been wandering without a place of belonging and comradeship. Small pockets of us have found each other and keep each other going. 

Many of the grassroots leaders who believe like us and defend fiscal responsibility, free enterprise, and liberty and want to hold our elected officials accountable haven’t always communicated in a way that we felt best serves our principles or furthers our goals. This has been hard to observe and deal with on multiple levels. 

We haven't been adding to our ranks because we have been too busy beating each other up. 

Underneath the surface of what looks like a movement of great ideals is vicious pride in the hearts of statewide activist leaders, a toxic drive to always be the most vocal or seen on social media, and a corrupting way many propel the arguments against each other by wise cracks or backhanded put downs. 

This is not a observation about everyone who stands strong within the conservative movement - many speak the truth in love with a level of humility -  but it is a common occurrence in many circles unfortunately.

There have been several organizations in our movement that have led the culture of “toxic communications” in our state lately - I have been celebrated by some and dismissed by others. 

In my heart- I have tried to remain open minded to all of their value in promoting liberty and the policies that I so believe in, but enough is enough. 

We have to change! It is time for a correction in our path - fellow warriors for liberty. 

More angry voices doesn't produce more change - it actually causes more people to run away from you. Making people in authority "hurt more" by personal attacks or name calling does not make them want to follow your lead or understand your convictions.

It is time for communications that bring hope, stand up for the truth, educate people on our values, and promote liberty to the next generation of Texans without all the mudslinging, muck, and angry rhetoric - even with those we disagree with.

We can be strong and stand on truth without being ugly, fellow patriots. 

As Christians engaging in the political movement, I believe the conservative movement needs us. We want to be a part for the long-term health of our state. 

We played a big part in the 80’s and the 90’s and the early 2000’s in our movement, and we are the low hanging fruit for the conservative movement now in this generation. We believe in individual responsibility, strong traditional family units, saving the unborn from destruction, the prosperity of liberty economics, and the value of fighting against socialism and Marxism.

We don't all look alike or act alike - but we need to be a force of change again.  

Praying, voting, and engaging has become a part of many of our lives as we learn about and support biblical principles in the political realm. We have felt awakened and led to get involved in the political movement, but the toxicity of “politics” can become disheartening to many and can cause many to give up hope. The hypocrisy and backstabbing in our own conservative ranks have caused many good people to throw up their hands and quit. I have seen them do it and watched them walk away. 

We can’t allow this to happen any longer. We have to be better in OUR conservative movement. 

We have to function in the struggle of - who gets what, how, and when (which is the definition of politics) - without the filth, the anger, the putdowns and the pride. 

The Texas conservative movement is one of my “families” that I know well. I have served with you in the trenches since 2004 as an activist, a campaign manager, a political consultant, and a candidate myself. 

I have walked beside people who I thought were some of the best campaign managers in the business -  to quickly watch a few years later see pride and ugliness take them out for the count. I have seen unethical decisions, fraud, lying, and deep corruption from consultants I have championed in the past or elected officials that we all think carry the banner of "conservative warriors". It is tragic and for the sake of our principles and our movement, we have to do better.

I am not perfect. You are not perfect. No one in our movement is perfect. We are human beings who carry a burden for our state and our nation that many people don’t understand. We get weary, depressed, crushed by others, and wonder many days if what we are doing is making a difference, but we keep moving forward. 

We get disillusioned by elected officials and leaders, frustrated when our principles are not upheld, and we cry when more liberties are eroded around us, but we have to stand strong and not stop.

We have enough corruption on the left and people who want to dismantle the fabric of our nation to be undermining our own movement by our own behavior. We have to be different. We can't parrot them - we are better than that. 

If this conservative movement is going to remain in the fight and “endure to the end” to see lasting change for our principles in our state and nation- we have to hit our knees, look straight at our own hearts, and let God start cleaning up our movement one leader at a time and one life at a time. 

We need a realignment and it has to start with me and you. 

Will you join me in changing this movement that we love?

Let's make this weekend be the beginning of a new conservative movement in Texas - one that can really impact change.

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  1. Great Perspective! I dont want to play to the party anymore, I want a God Party. Thank you Bunni!